URL Click Extract

The daily URL Click extract is used to sync URL click data between Vibes platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.

File Name


How to Read Files

Extract files will be delivered in tab-separated value (TSV) text files. The information is separated into rows and columns. Column data will be separated by tabs, while each new row will be separated by a hard return.

File Body

The file body can contain the following fields as data, separated by the delimiter and a header row.

Field NameData TypeField LengthAllows NullsDescription
click_idString255NoUnique click ID defined by Vibes.
person_idString255YesUnique Vibes-specified GUID representing the person.

Note that while the field is labeled person_id, the value is the person_key.
external_person_idString255YesThe external_person_id associated with the person.
mdnString20YesThe MDN associated with the person. The MDN will be in E.164 format. Example: +12295551234.
message_idString255YesUnique message ID defined by Vibes.
click_timestampDate/TimeN/ANoThe date/time when the URL was clicked. Format example: "2017-04-05 14:30:00 -0600", represents April 5th, 2017 at 2:30PM UTC with a 6 hour offset.
short_domainString255NoDomain that the shortened URL was created on. Example: vbs.cm.
short_keyString20NoURI of the shortened URL.
long_urlString2048NoLong URL that was shortened.
first_clickStringBooleanNoFlag - Indicates if this was the first click for this short_key.
first_device_clickStringBooleanNoFlag - Indicates if this was the first click for this short_key on the mobile device.

Note: The device tracking is managed by utilizing browser cookies, so users clearing their cookies or browser incompatibilities can affect this flag.
activity_typeString255NoType of campaign or activity the message is associated with. See a full list of activity types here.
activity_idString255YesID of the activity the message is associated with.
company_idString255YesID of the company.
user_agent_headerString255YesThe first 255 characters of the browser user-agent header value.

Example File