Current Subscriber Extract

The Current Subscriber Extract is used to show how many subscriptions by list are active at the time of publication.

File Name


How to Read Files

Extract files will be delivered in tab-separated value (TSV) text files. The information is separated into rows and columns. Column data will be separated by tabs, while each new row will be separated by a hard return.

Contents of Each File

The extract will contain a list of MDNs, as well as metadata about each subscription for a company. This file will include all subscriptions as of 12:00 A.M. on the day that it is run.


File discrepancies

These files may not match completely with Analytics reporting.

The File Body

The file body can contain the following fields as data separated by the delimiter and a header row.

Field NameData TypeField LengthAllows NullsDescription
mdnString255NoMobile number included in the subscription list. The MDN is the 10-digit number that does not include country code or "+".
person_idString40NoUnique Vibes-specified GUID representing the person.

Note that while the field is labeled person_id, the value is the person_key.
external_person_idString40YesExternal system's person identifier to include in the subscription list.
carrier_codeString255NoThe carrier code indicating specific carrier. See Appendix - Carrier Codes for all valid carriers.
mdn_e164_formatString255NoMobile number included in the subscription list in E.164 format, which includes country code and "+". Example: +12295551234.
country_codeString255NoThis is the current country code of the MDN associated with the subscription.
subscription_list_idString255NoSubscription list the person is associated with.

Example File