Ecommerce tag tracking allows you to measure the transactions and revenue that each Vibes campaign generates. By enabling this feature, you will be able to see how many click-throughs from your Vibes campaign led to purchases.

After your customer makes a successful purchase, you can also use the Vibes Ecommerce Measurement library to send data from a purchase confirmation page to Vibes Analytics, allowing you to easily track the return on investment of each of your campaigns.

Simply, by including the Vibes tag on each page of your ecommerce site, we can:

  • Record a "click action" in the Vibes Analytics Module for every page a consumer visits after clicking on a Vibes campaign including the parameters in the campaign URL.
  • Record revenue data for purchases associated with specific SMS campaigns and prove the ROI down to the campaign level.
  • Add a cookie to the consumers browser to associate further consumer activity with the campaign (cookie expires after 7 days). The cookie allows Vibes to send Cart Recovery messages.
  • Create automated journeys based on user browser behavior, such as targeted by purchase amount, date purchased, product category, and more. See our behavioral retargeting scenarios below to learn more.

Behavioral Targeting Scenarios

Behavioral ecommerce retargeting allows you to send a targeted message to a subset of customers based on their past behavior. For example, you can set up an automated message to consumers who have not purchased in a specific amount of time, or create a one-time broadcast for all consumers who recently clicked on a specific product category.

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Target By Recency

Triggered purchase reactivation by date

Create a personalized automated message to consumers who haven’t purchase in specified amount of time.

Custom Fields Used

Non-triggered purchase reactivation broadcast

Create a one-time broadcast that will target only customers who haven’t purchased since a definable date of your choice.

Custom Fields Used

Target based on last-click category

Create a personalized message that will target all consumers whose last click was a certain product category. This must be sent as a broadcast.

Custom Fields Used

Target based on recent purchase

Create a personalized broadcast message based on consumer’s most recent purchase. This must be sent as a broadcast.

Custom Fields Used
TBD "last_detail_category_purchased"

Target By Monetary Value

High Conversion Retargeting

Create a personalized follow-up message to consumers who spend above a certain amount. This can be configured to be triggered after a certain amount of time or sent as a non-automated broadcast.

Custom Fields Used

Target By Product Category

Purchase reactivation with product category

Create a personalized message targeting shoppers who have not purchased after a specific date and recently viewed a specific product category. This must be sent as a broadcast.

Custom Fields Used
last_purchase_date (when a consumer last purchased)
last_detail_view_date (when a consumer last viewed)
last_detail_category (what consumer viewed)