File-Based Data Imports

While we recommend using our real-time APIs and callbacks to sync your data whenever possible, Vibes-supported integration files are an alternative way to load and update data into the Vibes platform. They are useful for situations where it isn't practical to have a real-time, event-based integration model, or when the volume of data is such that individual API calls are not feasible.

The current import types are:


File encoding

UTF-8 or ASCII encoding for integration files is highly recommended. We make our best effort attempt to handle files encoded with other encodings, but they are not officially supported (i.e., UTF-16LE encoding is not supported). If the file format is incorrect, the following error will be displayed: FileEngine::EncodingDetection::Unknown8BitEncodingDetected

File Specifications

File Naming

Vibes uses the extension in the file name to signify the file type. For example, if you are uploading person records, you name your file:


Each import type has its own naming convention, so be sure to check the naming convention for your import type.

File Format

The contents of the file should be plain text separated by commas – such as a .csv or .txt file.

All integration files consist of body section, and some may optionally contain headers, separated by a blank line (the same general format as HTTP requests).

  • Header Section (optional): Contains information about the file. Each line is a header element with a name/value pair.
  • Body Section: Contains the information to load.

If you wish to include special characters such as commas or hard returns, put your field in double quotes. If you have a double quote in the field value, escape it with a preceding double quote.

For example:

+12995551212,"This is from a recipient list.
Text ""STOP"" to 12345 to stop receiving messages.
Thank you.",

File Size

If you are uploading via the platform, we recommend files are less than 5MB, which is usually about 100,000 rows of data.

If you are uploading files via SFTP, there is no limit; however, larger files may take more time to upload.

File Processing

Our system processes import files individually. Files queue in the order they are received and are processed as files ahead of them finish.

Common Errors

The following errors can occur in imports of all file types.

Error ClassError MessageDescription
TenantEngine::SchemaErrors::InvalidSchemaNameErrorSchema name for company <company_id> (is nil or was not found)The company that the file is target for is not set up in the mobile database, or there was some other system level error.

Need Additional Help?

If you are having trouble or unable to manipulate your flat file data, reach out to your Vibes account manager, who can connect you with our professional services team. We offer custom solutions for different file types, decryption, and more.