Person Data

This data set contains all person meta data of the company's account.

How much data is retained?

This data set will contain all persons created in the Vibes Platform associated with the company's account.

What data can be pulled?

Column NameTypeNullableDefaultComment
AREACODE_STATEVARCHAR(255)TRUENULLThe last known state correlated with the area code of the mobile phone number of the individual
CARRIER_CODENUMBER(38,0)TRUENULLThe carrier code indicating specific carrier of the individuals mobile phone number. See Appendix - Carrier Codes for all valid carriers.
TENANT_KEYNUMBER(38,0)TRUENULLVibes ID used to identify a tenant that is associated with the individual
COUNTRY_CODEVARCHAR(255)TRUENULLThe last known country code of the mobile phone number
CUSTOM_FIELDS_JSONJSONTRUENULLThis is a JSON field that contains all custom field data associated with an individual
DW_CREATED_ATTIMESTAMP_TZ(9)TRUENULLThe date timestamp that indicates when the row was created in Vibes data warehouse. The time zone is central time for North America customers and UTC for European Customers
PHONE_NUMBER_E164_FORMATVARCHAR(255)TRUENULLThe mobile phone number of the individual that also includes country code
EXTERNAL_PERSON_IDVARCHAR(16777216)TRUENULLAn individual specific identifier that is set by the company
PERSON_KEYVARCHAR(40)TRUENULLVibes UID for the individual
PHONE_NUMBERVARCHAR(255)TRUENULLThe mobile phone number of the individual
TIMEZONEVARCHAR(16777216)TRUENULLThe last known time zone of the individual
DW_UPDATED_ATTIMESTAMP_TZ(9)TRUENULLThe date timestamp that indicates the last time the record was updated
TENANT_UIDNUMBER(38,0)TRUENULLLEGACY: For use with legacy data sharing integrations
PERSON_UIDVARCHAR(40)TRUENULLLEGACY: For use with legacy data sharing integrations
PERSON_IDINTTRUENULLLEGACY: For use with legacy Public API Integrations


Why do I have more person records than subscriptions?

A person is created whenever a mobile phone number interacts with the short code, regardless of whether they subscribed or not. It is typical to see far more person records than subscriptions.

Sample Query

-- A query that will pull all persons and some attributes. Custom fields can be added to pull in additional data points.


-- A query that will custom field information from individuals. Replace the CUSTOM_FIELD with your custom field's name.
WHERE CAST(dw_created_at AS DATE) >= DATEADD(day, -1, cast(CURRENT_DATE() AS DATE)