Wallet Page View Extract

The daily Wallet Page View extract is used to sync wallet data between Vibes platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.

File Name


How to Read Files

Extract files will be delivered in tab-separated value (TSV) text files. The information is separated into rows and columns. Column data will be separated by tabs, while each new row will be separated by a hard return.

Contents of Each File

Each row represents a page view of a Wallet page created by the Vibes platform.

File Body

Field NameData TypeDescription
view_uidStringUnique Vibes-specified GUID representing each page view.
campaign_uidStringGlobal Unique ID representing the campaign at Vibes.
company_idStringA unique identifier for your Vibes company account.
wallet_page_typeStringKey value indicating the specific page/flow that was viewed. These will map to the various pages in the specific campaign flow. Valid values include:
- UNKNOWN, smartlink, location_selector, passbook
user_agentStringThe first 255 characters of the browser user-agent header value.
uuidStringThis is a campaign-specific identifier that is used to identify wallet objects. This is generally customer defined, as it can be included in links and used before a wallet object is created.

Note: uuid = wallet_item_id.
platformStringThe string for the specified device platform. Example: 'Android 7.1.1', 'iOS 10.2', and so on.
viewed_atDate/TimeThe date/time when the page was viewed. Format example: "2017-04-05 14:30:00 UTC.”

Example File