How do I gain access to Data Sharing and Connect to my data?

Each account will be provided with a URL, username, and password for their specific database. Users can login directly through Snowflake web portal. Upon first login, users will be asked to immediately change their password. Users are also able to connect through Snowflake-provided, 3rd-party tools and other technologies. For more information on how to programmatically connect and pull data, please go to Snowflake's Connection Documentation

Why do certain data sets only contain a set amount of data?

We are limited data to certain data sets, specifically data sets containing event data, to help performance. By capping the amount of information, queries on the data sets will run faster than without capping.

How often is data updated?

While Vibes updates data on a regular basis, rare errors sometimes cause these updates to be delayed. Please utilize the Upload Status table to ensure when data was last updated to all data tables.

Does Vibes support direct data sharing?

For customers who are Snowflake customers, Vibes can give access to data directly in the customer's Snowflake instance through a Data Share. In the US, we support the AWS US West (AWS_US_WEST_2) and US East (AWS_US_EAST_1) as well as as well as Azure US West (AZURE_WESTUS2) and US East (AZURE_EASTUS2) instances of snowflake, and in the EU, we support the AWS EU West (AWS_EU_WEST_1) instance of Snowflake. To set this up, please reach out to your account representative.