Message Extract

The daily Message Extract is used to sync message data between the Vibes platform and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.

Standard File Name

The following is the recommended best practice for file names. File naming conventions may be changed upon request.


How to Read Files

Extract files will be delivered in tab-separated value (TSV) text files. The information is separated into rows and columns. Column data will be separated by tabs, while each new row will be separated by a hard return.

The message field is quoted with double quotes. Any double quotes within the message body will be escaped with two double quotes.

File Body

The file body may contain any the following fields as data, separated by the delimiter and a header row.

Field NameData TypeField LengthAllows NullsDescription
person_idString255NoUnique Vibes-specified GUID representing the person.

Note that while the field is labeled person_id, the value is the person_key.
external_person_idString255YesExternal system's person identifier to include in the subscription list.
mdnString20NoMobile phone number added to the subscription list. The MDN must be in E.164 format. Example: +12295551234.
carrier_codeString50YesThe carrier code indicates a specific carrier. See Appendix - Carrier Codes for all valid carriers, and note that new carriers are added frequently.
message_idString255NoUnique message ID defined by Vibes.
client_message_idString255YesMessage ID defined by the customer.
timestampDate/TimeN/ANoThe date/time when the message was generated on our platform or received from the carrier. Format example: "2017-04-15 14:30:00 -0600".
message_statusString255NoSUCCESS means the message was successful.

FAILURE values are:

- Premium Product Not Found
- Premium Preprocess Config Error
- Negative Premium Charge
- Not Within Delivery Window
- Invalid Delivery Window Param
- Message Stopped manually or with a tool
- Route Not Found
- Mdn on blocked list
- Not all parts of a MultiPart Message was received
- Rejected message from ART
- Capped Message
- Multipart message waiting for more parts
- Duplicate part to a Multipart message
- Subscription not found
- Shortcode Lease not found
message_typeString2YesIndicates whether the message was sent or received.

- Mobile Originated (MO) is sent from the device to the short code.
- Mobile Terminated (MT) is sent from the short code to the device.
response_codeStringIntegerYesA numeric code indicating whether the message was successfully sent to the carrier or not.

Value of 0 is success, all other codes are failure. For detailed list of error values, see: Error Code Responses
activity_typeString255NoType of campaign or activity the message is associated with.
See here for a list of activity types.
activity_idString255YesID of the activity the message is associated with.
company_idString255NoID representing the customer account at Vibes.
shortcodeString255NoThe short code that a message was sent to/from.
messageString1000YesMessage body - optional because message can be blank.

Example File