Appendix: SMPP Error Codes & Descriptions

Default vs Specific Carrier

Default error codes are taken from the SMPP specifications (hex error code is also included for reference). Each carrier's implementation is slightly different, and we have highlighted any carrier-specific nuances in the rows below as follows: Yellow=Sprint, Blue=AT&T, Red=Verizon, Gray=Interop.

Connection NameSMPP Error CodeHex Error CodeError Description
Default00x0000Message accepted
Default10x0001Invalid message length
Default20x0002Invalid command length
Default30x0003Invalid command ID
Default40x0004Invalid bind status
Sprint40x0004Invalid bind status (retry after bind)
Default50x0005Bind attempted when already bound
ATT EAG50x0005Bind attempted when already bound
Default60x0006Invalid priority flag
Default70x0007Invalid registered delivery flag
Default80x0008System error issue with short message service center (SMSC)
Sprint80x0008System error issue with short message service center (SMSC)
Default100x000AInvalid source address
Sprint100x000AInvalid source address
ATT EAG100x000AInvalid source address
Default110x000BInvalid mobile directory number (MDN)
Sprint110x000BInvalid mobile directory number (MDN)
ATT EAG110x000BInvalid mobile directory number (MDN)
Default120x000CInvalid message ID
Default130x000DGeneric bind failure
ATT EAG130x000DGeneric bind failure
Default140x000EInvalid password
Sprint140x000EInvalid password or system ID in bind
Default150x000FInvalid system ID
ATT EAG150x000FInvalid system ID
Default170x0011Request failed for 'cancel_sm'
Default190x0013Request failed for 'replace_sm'
Default200x0014Message queue currently full (too many messages)
Default210x0015Invalid services type
Default510x0033Invalid number of destination addresses
Default520x0034Invalid distribution list name
Default640x0040Invalid destination flag option (i.e. 'submit_multi')
Default660x0042Invalid value for submit with replace option (i.e. 'submit_sm' with 'replace_if_present_flag' set)
Default670x0043Invalid value for 'esm_class' field
Default680x0044Distribution list submission failure
Default690x0045Generic submission failure (i.e. 'submit_sm' or 'submit_multi' failed)
ATT EAG690x0045Generic submission failure (i.e. 'submit_sm' or 'submit_multi' failed)
Default720x0048Invalid type of number (TON) for source address
Default730x0049Invalid numbering plan indicator (NPI) for source address
Default800x0050Invalid type of number (TON) for destination address
Default810x0051Invalid numbering plan indicator (NPI) for destination address
Default830x0053Invalid value for 'system_type' field
Default840x0054Invalid submit with replace flag option (i.e. 'replace_if_present_flag')
Default850x0055Invalid number of messages specified for 'query_last_msgs' primitive
Default880x0058Throttling inbound messages (due to exceeding allowed ESME message limits)
Sprint880x0058Throttling inbound messages (due to exceeding allowed ESME message limits)
Default970x0061Invalid scheduled delivery time
Default980x0062Invalid validity date (expiry time)
Default990x0063Invalid predefined message (or not found)
Default1000x0064Temporary app error code for external short messaging entity (ESME) receiver
ATT EAG1000x0064Temporary app error code for external short messaging entity (ESME) receiver
Default1010x0065Permanent app error code for external short messaging entity (ESME) receiver
Default1020x0066Reject message error code for external short messaging entity (ESME) receiver
ATT EAG1020x0066Reject message error code for external short messaging entity (ESME) receiver
Default1030x0067Request failed for 'query_sm'
Default1920x00C0Error found in optional protocol data unit (PDU) body
Default1930x00C1Optional parameter not allowed
Default1940x00C2Invalid optional parameter length
Default1950x00C3Missing optional parameter
Default1960x00C4Invalid optional parameter value
Default2540x00FEGeneric delivery failure (used for 'data_sm_resp')
Interop Technologies2540x00FEDelivery failure (interop bind to carrier not active during message submit)
Default2550x00FFUnknown Error
Interop Technologies10240x0400Mobile directory number (MDN) blocked or not routed to correct carrier
ATT EAG10400x0410Invalid services type
ATT EAG10410x0411Unauthorized system type for external short messaging entity (ESME)
Sprint10420x0412Inactive short code
ATT EAG10420x0412Service denied
Sprint10430x0413Expired short code
ATT EAG10430x0413External short messaging entity (ESME) prohibited
Sprint10440x0414Blocked short code
Sprint10450x0415Short code not started
Sprint10460x0416Invalid test mobile directory number (MDN)
Sprint10470x0417Blocked mobile directory number (MDN)
Sprint10480x0418Invalid reseller (i.e. not provisioned, reseller blocked shortcode, or exclusively provisioned for another reseller)
Sprint10490x0419Service is temporarily discontinued (i.e. subscriber has not paid their bill, so MDN hotlined by carrier)
Sprint10510x041BUnsupported mobile device (i.e. content provider trying to deliver message to wireless modem instead of a handset, MDNs should be removed from any subscriber lists)
Default10950x0447Blocked billing ID (i.e. premium messages blocked for MDN since user not setup to receive these)
Default10960x0448Blocked content (i.e. content filtering is blocking this user from accessing a campaign or short code)
Verizon11000x044CPartially executed request (i.e. some recipients have no opt-in)
Sprint11040x0450Unknown error (aggregators may contact PMG customer support)
Default12960x0510No response within configured time for 'Submit SM PDU' (i.e. ResponseTimer expired)
Default12970x0511Protocol data unit (PDU) de-queued from window list (i.e. due to bind inactivity or connectivity issues)
Default12980x0512Network error while submitting message (i.e. due to errors in the transport layer instead of SMPP level issues)
Default12990x0513Short message peer to peer (SMPP) library not initialized while attempting to send message
Default13000x0514Unknown short message peer to peer (SMPP) library error while attempting to send message
Default15370x0601MT Message failed (subscriber did not reply to carrier's required second opt-in with affirmative response within validity period)
Default15380x0602MT Message failed (premium product ID did not match a carrier's valid product configuration)
Default15390x0603MT Message failed (purchase request to carrier failed)
Default15400x0604MT Message failed (no premium product found for the given price and gateway)
Default15410x0605MT Message failed (subscriber requested a premium product that currently has a request pending a subscriber opt-in)
Default15420x0606MT Message failed (subscriber could not be created, see Premium Charge table for specific information)
Verizon20010x07D1Request refused due to lack of permission
Verizon20020x07D2Invalid formatting (i.e. recipient number not in 10-digit format, or exceeds max allowed message bundling size for multiple recipients)
Verizon20040x07D4Invalid content issue (i.e. content type not supported, or exceeds max allowed content size)
Verizon20060x07D6Cannot find message with ID as the LinkedID
Verizon20070x07D7Invalid element value format (i.e. inappropriate or incorrect)
Verizon21000x0834Exceeded max concurrent connection limit
Verizon21010x0835Exceeded max message throttling rate limit
Verizon21020x0836No opt-in found for any of these recipients (provider must stop sending message to the non-opt-in recipients)
Verizon21030x0837Invalid or no Program ID found (provider must include Program ID in the request)
Verizon30000x0BB8Server failed to fulfill a request that was apparently valid
Verizon40010x0FA1Invalid short code or VASPID/VASID
Verizon40020x0FA2Unsupported version element of MM7
Verizon40060x0FA6Cannot accept message delivery request at the moment (backend SMSC or MMSC issue)