Message Delivery Scenarios for Push

Last updated: Friday, September 30, 2022

Vibes has several different options for triggering push notifications. The following scenarios describe how to use our APIs depending on the level of segmentation and personalization required by your use case. Your Vibes account representative can help you determine which scenario is right for you and provide additional details on how to implement each scenario.


Message all app users or a group of users

Using the Broadcast API, you can send a push notification broadcast to all users or a select group of users. When setting up a broadcast, ensure that the channel is set to Push. You can also include custom fields to include personalization such as user first name.


  • You want to send a notification to all app users alerting them to a flash deal only available in the app.
  • You want to send a notification to app users who have a birthday in August reminding them to redeem a special offer.

Note that the source list can be blank if not using a test list.

Target specific devices

Using the Event API, you can send a push notification to a specific user. Each call should be structured as an individual request, which allows for maximum flexibility in personalization.

To use the Event API to deliver a push notification to a specific user, you will first need to create an event-triggered campaign either via the Vibes Platform or via our public APIs. When creating the account using the Vibes Public API, ensure that the channel is set to Push. You can also include advanced push features including sound and custom fields.

To use this option, you will need to have a device identifier such as an external_person_id or device_id.


  • You want to send an alert to an app user letting them know about potential fraud on their account. You set up an event type of “fraud alert” to send notifications to app users with potential fraud on their account and include a list of device ids that should receive the message.

Target specific devices via file upload

Similarly to targeting specific users by device using the Event API, you can create a list of devices to target by uploading a file via SFTP or in the Vibes Platform UI. Using this method allows you to target a larger batch of users.

Read more about file-triggered message campaigns here.


Can I personalize push messages sent via broadcast or file triggered campaigns?
Yes. You can include additional data attributes called “custom fields” to pass customer specific data to a push notification.

Can I combine event data to send multiple requests at once?
No. Vibes only supports 1 call per 1 unique person request.

Why is only one notification allowed per event id?
This limitation is intended to prevent spamming a user by preventing them from receiving multiple notifications for the same event.

How can I test sending push notifications using these APIs?
We recommend a tool like Postman to test sending and receiving broadcasts and campaigns created via the Vibes Platform UI or API.

Are there event callbacks for push?
We offer a file data sharing via SFTP to share delivery receipts, which are refreshed daily. We are in the processing of supporting callbacks for push; these will be available in a future release.