Data Sharing with Snowflake

Data sharing exposes Vibes data for you to extract from Snowflake, our data storage partner. While the platform allows user to view aggregated data, data sharing is great for users who want to pull all data at a more granular level.

Users can securely access their data and extract it in whatever format, way, or cadence they need.

What is data sharing?

Secure Data Sharing is a way to give Vibes’ customers direct access to their Vibes-collected data. Using data sharing, you can extract data from Snowflake, our data storage partner. The service allows a “provider”—aka, Vibes—to share data with “consumers”—Vibes’ customers—without taking up any storage in the consumer’s account. You’ll provided with information on how to access this data during the Vibes onboarding process.

To learn more about data sharing, see Snowflake's Data Sharing documentation.

What data can be extracted?

Below is a table of all the data tables you can access.

Data Table NameDescriptionPrimary Key(s)Example Use CaseData Retention
CLICKSShows all clicks on links generated from the platformclick_idRetaining all click events by individual7 Days
MESSAGESShows all SMS/MMS messages coming to and from the platformmessage_idRetain all messages sent from and to an individual7 Days
INCENTIVE CODESShows all incentive codes loaded into the platformincentive_code_id
7 Days
ISSUANCESShow all incentive codes issued by the platformissuance_id
7 Days
PERSON_DATAShows meta data assigned to an individualperson_keyPulling all meta data associated with an individual in platform

Including person meta data with other platform events
All Data
PUSH_MESSAGEShows all push messages sent from platformdevice_id
Retaining all push messages sent to an individual7 Days
SUBSCRIPTIONSShows all subscription events for lists associated with your account.person_key
Pulling all opt-ins for a specific list7 Days
SUBSCRIPTION_STATUSShows all subscriptions and their current opt-in or opt-out statusperson_key
Syncing a CRM system with the Vibes PlatformAll Data
WALLET_INSTANCEShows all installs of mobile wallet objectsWALLET_INSTANCE_UID
Retaining all installs of mobile wallet objects by individual7 Days
WALLET_PAGE_VIEWShows all page views of mobile wallet objectsVIEW_UIDRetain all page views of mobile7 Days
DATA_LOAD_STATUSShows when data sets were last updatedCheck for if new data has been populatedAll Data

How often is this data updated?

While Vibes updates data on a regular basis, rare errors sometimes cause these updates to be delayed. Please utilize the Upload Status table to ensure when data was last updated to all data tables.

Does Vibes support direct data sharing?

For customers who are Snowflake customers, Vibes can give access to data directly in the customer's Snowflake instance through a Data Share. In the US, we support the AWS US West (AWS_US_WEST_2) and US East (AWS_US_EAST_1) as well as as well as Azure US West (AZURE_WESTUS2) and US East (AZURE_EASTUS2) instances of snowflake, and in the EU, we support the AWS EU West (AWS_EU_WEST_1) instance of Snowflake. To set this up, please reach out to your account representative.

Need More Help?

If you have questions, please reach out to your account representative for more information.