White-Labeling the Vibes Platform

To customize the Vibes platform for your brand, you can update the logo and URL to match your company identity. To do so, contact your account representative and provide them with the following:


Your logo should have a height of 50px. The width is flexible.


For any modules you wish to white-label, create CNAME records, such as in the examples listed below.

Based on stylistic preference, any host names may be used for the CNAME records, but all host names must be in the same domain.

After configuring these DNS records, send your Vibes account representative a complete list of all host names so that we can configure the white label.

We recommend the following. In the Host Name, replace PARTNER.com with your own domain name:

ModuleHost NameCNAME Alias
Campaign Managercm.PARTNER.comcm-wl.vibescm.com
Mobile Wallet/Pagesmp.PARTNER.commp-wl.vibescm.com
Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform Dashboardmobile.PARTNER.comdashboard-wl.vibescm.com