Acquisition Campaign APIThis API allows you to manage and retrieve acquisition campaigns.
Acquisition CampaignA campaign designed to acquire new participants to your subscription lists. A participant can be added to an acquisition campaign if they text in a corresponding keyword or via an API call.
APIApplication Program Interface.

- Body: Allows the client or server to pass data with an HTTP request or response. Vibes Platform APIs expect body data to be formatted as JSON. Not all requests or responses will contain a body.
- Method: HTTP is the format used to enable communication between clients (like Web browsers) and servers. The most common methods are GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
- URL: The web address. The URL host is the Vibes public API site.
- Header: Allows the client or server to pass additional meta-information with an HTTP request or response. Content type, X-API-Version, and Authorization are examples of header information the Vibes Platform API supports. All requests or responses will contain a header.
API KeyThe API Key is found at the top of the Campaign page. Your Vibes account manager can help you with your API Key when you create an acquisition campaign in the Vibes Platform.
BroadcastA message sent to a set of subscribers.
CallbackA callback is a call made from Vibes to an external endpoint containing information about recent activity in the Vibes system. Each callback is identified by a unique callback_id. See Callbacks for more information.
Campaign ManagerCampaign Manager is the section of our Vibes platform that is used to manage acquisition campaigns, broadcasts, subscription lists, and more.
CDPCustomer Data Platform.
Client Certificate AuthenticationVibes supports Client Certificate Authentication as an extra layer of security for API calls.

- Client Certificate Authentication for Vibes APIs
- Client Certificate Authentication for Callbacks
company_keyThe company_key is the unique alphanumeric identifier for your platform account. It is necessary for all API calls.
CRMCustomer relationship management.
CSVComma-separated value.
Custom FieldCustom fields are fields that are set up to collect and/or store any data you choose. Once you set up the custom field in the platform, you can use it to target certain users or personalize a message.

For example, if you’d like to categorize your mobile subscribers into participation tiers, you could set up a field called tier.
Custom Short DomainA short domain is a way to shorten a link so that it is easier to deliver over SMS. Vibes provides a proprietary URL shortener for use in our platform. You can configure this tool to use any short domain of your choice to represent your brand. Learn more in the custom short domain guide.
E.164E.164 is the official format for all international phone numbers that includes a plus sign (+) followed by a country code and phone number.
For example:
- U.S.: +12025550132
- U.K.: +441632960964
- Brazil: +5511991234567
EventAn event is a defined occurrence that can be submitted to the Vibes systems and used to trigger event-triggered actions, including message sends. Each event contains data specific to the event, including an event_type, which is used to determine which event-triggered message campaign it corresponds with. Learn more with our Event API reference.
Event-Triggered MessageEvent-triggered messages are messages that are sent to a user only after the system receives notice than an event has occurred. Learn more by reading our Event-Triggered Messaging guide.
external_person_idEach person who has interacted with your campaigns has a corresponding person record identified by a unique person_key assigned by the Vibes system. However, if you have your own way of identifying subscribers, you can add this identifier in the external_person_id field and use this for cross-linking.
IEInformation Elements.
Incentive ManagerThe Incentives Manager is a module in the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform that allows the issuance and redemption of incentive codes.
Incentive CodeA single code that can be issued or redeemed.
Incentive Code IssuanceA record of an issuance of an incentive code.
Incentive Code RedemptionA record of a redemption of an incentive code.
Incentive PoolA collection of incentive codes.
Integration FilesVibes-supported integration files are an alternative way to load and update data into Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform. Learn more about file-based data imports.
JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.

Example: The following shows the JSON representation of a subscription entity within the APIs.
MDNMobile Directory Number.
MessageAn individual communication sent to or from a person.
Message ExtractA daily-generated file that contains all the message data from a particular day. It is generally used to sync message data between Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.
MMAMobile Marketing Association.
MMSMultimedia Messaging Service. This is a message that includes some sort of media elements, such as an image, gif, or video.
MOMobile Originated - a message that originates from a mobile phone. For example, a participant texting in a keyword would be considered an MO.
Mobile DatabaseThe Vibes Mobile Database stores information about persons who have already interacted with your campaigns. This information can be used to segment, target, and personalize messages to subscribers.
MTMobile Terminated - a message that terminates at mobile phone. For example, the broadcasts you send to your subscription lists are classified as MTs.
ParticipantA person who has one or more mobile interactions (such as sending a text message) with your mobile program but has not yet subscribed to a subscription list.
Pending SubscriberA participant that has requested to opt-in to a subscription list and has been sent a prompt to join a subscription list. The prompt has not expired, but the participant has not yet confirmed their opt-in.
PersonAn entity that represents an individual who has interacted with your campaigns. The entity contains all the person’s data, along with a unique person_key. It can also be identified by an external_person_id, if you are cross-linking with an external customer system.
person_idDEPRECIATED. A unique numeric identifier generated by the Vibes system to identify a person record.

Important: person_id is a depreciated field and may be removed in the future. We recommend using person_key whenever possible.
person_keyA unique alphanumeric identifier assigned by the Vibes system to a person record.
PushPush messages are messages delivered to a user’s mobile device via a mobile app. Vibes offers a Push Notifications SDK to install into your iOS and Android apps, which can be used to send, manage, and track these messages in the Vibes platform.
Recipient ListA .CSV file containing a list of persons that is used to target outbound content delivery.
SAML 2.0Security Assertion Markup Language is an XML-based data format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties. Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform allows customers and partners to use SAML 2.0 to authenticate users into the platform.
SDKSoftware Development Kit. An SDK is a programming package that enables a programmer to develop applications.
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol. The use of integration files requires a Vibes’ Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) account. Contact your Vibes account manager to get your SFTP account set up.
SMSShort Message Service. This is a message that includes only text.
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol.
Standard FieldA field stored in our APIs that is defined and available to all companies. Data is always specific to a company.
SubscriberA participant who is subscribed to one or more subscription lists.
SubscriptionA person's membership in a subscription list.
Subscription EntityThe subscription entity contains the information and metadata for a person's subscription to a subscription list.
Subscription ExtractA daily-generated file that defines all the subscription activity (opt-ins and opt-outs) on the requested date. It can be used to sync subscriptions between Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.
Subscription ListA collection of subscribers that have all opted in to receiving a certain type of content.
Text Delimited FilesText delimited files are standard text fields with one record per line, and the various columns separated by a delimiter, such as a comma.
URL Click ExtractA daily-generated file that contains all click data on the defined day. It is generally used to sync URL click data between Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.
UUIDA Universal Unique Identifier is a 128-bit number used to uniquely identify an object or entity on the Internet.
Wallet ManagerVibes’ Wallet Manager platform enables you to create, update, and manage passes that can be added to your customers’ mobile wallets.

Apple Wallet was previously named Passbook.
Google Wallet was previous named Android Pay and Google Pay.
Wallet Page View ExtractA daily-generated file that contains all wallet page view data on the specified date. It is generally used to sync Wallet data between Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system.
wallet_itemUnique identifier for the wallet campaign, as automatically generated by Wallet Manager system.
wallet_item_idUnique identifier for the wallet item specified at creation. This can be system generated or customer supplied in the creation URL.

Note: The wallet_item_id is the UUID, which is a campaign- specific identifier that is used to identify wallet objects. This is generally customer defined, as it can be included in links and used before a wallet object is created.
White LabelingThe process of customizing the Vibes platform with your brand’s logos and URLs. See specifications here.