Create an event-triggered campaign

To create a new campaign of event-triggered message, you can use the POST method in our API.

Request Body

Currently, you can create an event-triggered SMS, MMS, or push notification.

In the body of your request, you’ll include an event-triggered campaign entity that represents the event-triggered message campaign you are trying to create.


Personalize your MMS

If you’d like to add personalized images to your MMS sends, you can do so by including the media_url in your event payload. In your event-triggered campaign request body, you would include a liquid template variable such as {{ ev.media_url }} in place of the media_url.


If you have successfully created an event-triggered message campaign using the POST method, you will receive a 202 – CREATED status code. In additional, you will receive a return will include additional information about your new campaign, including the event_triggered_messsage_id, status, created_by, and more. These are defined by the system and cannot be changed.

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