Source Code API

A source code is a “phone number” (they may also include letters) that are used for sending SMS and MMS from your account. On a user’s device, this source code will appear as the “sender” of the message.

Historically, most source codes were short codes—a 5- or 6-digit numeric code. However, now it is not uncommon to use long codes, which are 10 digits and appear more like a “traditional” phone number. Outside of North America, some countries also allow alphanumeric codes, a mixture of letters, numbers, and spaces up to 11 characters long.

In this section, we’ll show you how to use a GET method to look up all of the active source codes provisioned to your account.

Available API Methods

Elements & Attributes

Element NameTypeDescription
sourcecodeStringThe short, long or alphanumeric code value.
country_codeStringThe E.164 Country Calling Code for the country where the code is provisioned.
sourcecode_typeString"SC" for short or long numeric codes; "ANC" for alphanumeric codes.
primary_country_nameStringA human-readable name of the primary country where the code is provisioned.
sms_enabledBooleanIndicates whether the code is provisioned for SMS messaging.
mms_enabledBooleanIndicates whether the code is provisioned for MMS messaging.
sourcecode_end_dateStringISO-8601 Date string indicating when the current code lease expires.

Entity Example

Below is an example of a source code entity.

  "sourcecode": "12345",
  "country_code": "1",
  "sourcecode_type": "SC",
  "primary_country_name": "United States",
  "sms_enabled": true,
  "mms_enabled": true,
  "sourcecode_end_date": "2025-12-02T05:59:00Z"