Create an event

Use the POST method to inform vibes that an event has occurred in an external system, thus triggering any event-triggered messages set up to be triggered as a result of the event.


If you are using Version 1 of the APIs, you cannot use the E.164 MDN international format. If you do use it, you will get an error returned.


If the submission is successful, an abbreviated event JSON block will be returned, containing the event_id for the event.


  • An HTTP 202 - Accepted response will be returned if the event has been successfully submitted but will not necessarily result in a message. To track whether or not your message was sent and received by the end user, we recommend registering for Event-Triggered Callbacks.
  • The Event API will accept 300 requests/second. If you anticipate greater volume, consider using a message queue to send the requests so retries and throttling can be applied if necessary.
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