Our APIs

You can use our APIs to perform basic tasks in the Vibes Platform, such as scheduling a broadcast, adding a person to a subscription list, or managing users on your lists. In addition, you can also configure Vibes systems to send callbacks to your system, giving you real-time feedback on your sends. Below we provide you with a brief overview of each API and its capabilities.

Please note that you can also manage your campaigns in the platform. Our user guides and help center are available here.

Available APIs

Acquisition – Use this API to add a person to an acquisition campaign, review pending participants, and gather metadata on campaigns.

Broadcast – A broadcast is the Vibes term for a message send. When creating a broadcast, you’ll create a template for the message, which will later be filled in with any personalization, if applicable. Using this API, you can create a broadcast or gather metadata on a past send.

Callback – Use this API to register for specific callbacks, which will be sent to your endpoint after activity in the Vibes system. Callbacks can return important user information, including delivery status, opt-ins, subscription list updates, and more.

Event – Use this API to create “events” that trigger SMS messages and push notifications. For example, you can set up an event to signal when a user has left unpurchased items in their cart and trigger a follow-up message prompting them to return.

Event-Triggered Campaign - Use this API to create campaigns that are triggered by events created via the Event API.

Incentives – Incentive codes can be sent to your users to give them personalized offers. Our incentives API allows you to review and update incentive code pools as well as update individual incentive codes.

Person – Each unique mobile number creates what we call a “person record” with a unique person_key. As more information about a user is collected, the person record’s fields are updated with info such as first name, zip code, and other personalized fields. Use this API to associate records, edit person records, and more.

Push Devices – Similar to person records, push devices get their own unique vibes_device_id in our system. This API allows you to associate push devices with person records and edit devices.

Source Code – Source codes are the phone numbers, alpha codes, or short codes associated with your brand. These source codes will show up as the “sender” on the end user’s device. This API allows you to retrieve all source codes associated with your account.

Subscription – This API allows you to retrieve metadata about an individual user’s interaction with a specific subscription list, such as opt-ins and opt-outs.

Subscription List – This API contains all the information about your subscription lists, which are added to using acquisition campaigns.

Other Offerings & SDKs

Wallet Manager – Using the Vibes platform, you can create personalized wallet passes for virtual wallets on iOS and Android. As a developer, you can collect information about wallet campaigns and create wallet-specific callback events through our APIs.

Push Notifications SDK – This developer SDK can be installed into your iOS or Android app to create an in-app inbox and send push notifications to app users.

Ecommerce Tag Tracking – Adding liquid tags to your website allows you to track transactions and calculate revenue created by your campaigns.