Issue an incentive code

This POST method will pull an incentive code from an existing incentive pool and create an issuance entity for the selected code. If no codes are available from the code pool identified, an HTTP ERROR CODE 422 will be returned.

Please note that this method only creates an issuance entity; it does not actually deliver the code to an end user. Delivering the code to an end user is up to you.

When issuing a code, you must provide the pool that you want the code to come from. However, if you want to see the status or redeem a code, you only need to provide your company_id and code, and we'll figure out which pool the code comes from. This enables your redemption system to not worry about pools, and only check the validity of codes regardless of what pool they came from.

To learn more about incentive code pools, please see our Incentive Pool API.


Reissuing codes by issuee_id

Note that you can’t issue a new code to the same issuee_id. The same code is issued for each issuee_id.

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