Customer Care

For more help, you can always contact our Customer Care team, which provides 24-7 support for your mobile marketing needs. To contact Customer Care, please email [email protected], call 1-877-834-9566, or use our in-platform chat function.

Vibes Account Manager

If you need custom support, our professional services team can help with custom APIs, authentication, data syncing, and custom webhooks. Please contact your Vibes account manager to get in touch with our advanced integration team.

When working with Vibes Platform APIs, integrations, and data exchange solutions, contact your Vibes account manager for help with the following:

  • API Key – The API Key is also found at the top of the campaign page.
  • Company Key
  • Event Triggered Campaigns – Work with your Vibes account manager to help you pre-configure any message content for event-triggered messaging.
  • SFTP – The use of integration files requires a Vibes’ Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) account. Contact your Vibes account manager to get your SFTP account set up.
  • Custom short domain creation
  • User access updates
  • General help