Get wallet items

To retrieve all the wallet items active for a current campaign, you can use this GET method.

Getting More Results

Results are paginated. The 50 most recently updated records will be returned by default. However, you can provide a "page_size" parameter to get a different number of items. Each request returns a "X-Next-Page-Token" header. You can use the value of that header to return the items in the next page. An empty token means that there are no more items to iterate through.

page_sizeThe number of items returned. Up to 1000 items can be returned in a single page
page_tokenToken identifier used for pagination.

More Filter Options

To narrow down on your search, you can add filters to your GET URL. Below is a list of some common filters you might want to use. Invalid filters will be ignored.

Filter TypeQuery ParametersDescription
Group Code?group_code=code-1Returns only wallet items that have the specified group code.
Expiration Date?expiration_date=2020-12-06Returns only wallet items that have an expiration date equal to the date specified.

Expiration date must be in ISO8601 format:


Invalid dates will be ignored.

Note that zero-padded dates are required:
- 2020-12-06: Valid
- 2020-04-02: Valid
- 2020-4-2: Not Valid
Returns only wallet items that match the specified provider.
First Class Fields?first_name=JohnReturns only wallet items where the specified field matches the specified input. You can use any custom field for this filter.

See our First Class Fields guide to get more information on how first-class fields work.


If the call is successful, an array of all the wallet items currently active for the specified mobile wallet campaign will be returned. If the specified mobile wallet campaigns or wallet items do not exist, a 404 - NOT FOUND object will be returned.

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