Push Device Manager API

Available API methods

Available callbacks

Elements & Attributes

Data ElementTypeDescription
vibes_device_idStringVibes unique identifier for each device
OSStringOperating system of the push device (Android or IOS)
os_versionStringVersion of the operation system
sdk_versionStringVersion of the Vibes Push SDK
app_versionStringVersion of the mobile app
push_tokenStringAndroid or IOS Push token
hardware_makeStringMake of the mobile device
hardware_modelStringModel of the mobile device
advertising_idStringAdvertising ID (optional)
localeStringLocale (Language/Time Zone) of the device
location.latitudeNumberLast known latitude of the mobile device (optional)
location.longitudeNumberLast known longitude of the mobile device (optional)
timezoneStringTimezone that is set on the mobile device
urlStringURL to access the push device information

Entity Example

  "device": {
    "vibes_device_id": "k3j2-23nf9-2ndk465-3jks",
    "os": "iOS",
    "os_version": "8.1.3",
    "sdk_version": "1.2",
    "app_version": "2.0.0",
    "push_token": "C9A3F19580B6B3DC41E73B558D9D5BAE81AAC551FA45A1AD22CA2403D6E96469",
    "hardware_make": "Apple",
    "hardware_model": "iPhone5,1",
    "advertising_id": "jke30-skdjrjhs2-ks432-kadf",
    "locale": "en_US",
    "location": {
      "latitude": 42.2537648,
      "longitude": -88.3336466
    "timezone": "America/Chicago",
    "url": "/mobile_apps/ :app_id /devices/:vibes_device_id"