Add a participant

You can also add a new participant to an acquisition campaign using the public API and their person entity. You can add whatever amount of data that is available about the person. An existing unsubscribed person record will be searched for, and if found, it will be updated. If no person record is found, a new record will be created.


Request Notes

  • At a minimum, one of the following must be specified: person_key, external_person_id, person_id, or MDN.
  • Any fields specified for the person will be updated with the new values.
  • Any fields whose values are set to Null will be removed from the person.
  • Any fields completely omitted will be ignored, and any existing values will remain.
  • These changes will only be performed if a 2xx HTTP response is returned by the API call.
  • If you are using custom fields, they must first be created in the Vibes Platform prior to sending via API.


The return data will be the acquisition campaign participation object.

Return HTTP codes

  • 200: This means the person has a pending acquisition and has not yet confirmed.
  • 201: Depending on the "status", the following can be returned:
    • PENDING - This means the person was not subscribed and was sent a confirmation message to confirm.
    • SUBSCRIBED - This is returned when the person is subscribed and the welcome message was sent to their phone.
  • 400: The supplied mobile number is not in proper mobile number format
  • 409: Already Subscribed. This means the person has tried to subscribe more than once, but is already subscribed to the list.
  • 422: is returned in the following situations:
    • A MDNHASCONFIRMATIONBLOCK message is returned when the Person has previously replied “No” to a subscription prompt.
    • The supplied mobile number ("mdn") does not map to a provisioned carrier. It is mostly returned for a landline number.
    • An EXTERNALPERSONIDMISMATCH message is returned when trying to subscribe a person with an external_person_id that is already in use.
    • An UNPROCESSABLE ENTITY error is returned when unable to process the request with the contained instructions. Please reach out to Vibes Customer Care or your account manager for troubleshooting support.
    • An error listing specific elements from the body is returned when trying to populate custom field data for custom fields unknown to the platform.
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